iPhone Mail Setup

How to set up your hosted email account on your iPhone

Configuring your new iPhone 3G to receive mail from your hosted email accounts is a very easy process.

This tutorial will give you a simple guide on the steps you need to perform to easily access your domain's email accounts on the go with your iPhone 3G.

1. Select the "Settings" option form the home screen of your iPhone.

2. Once in your settings section, select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars".

3. Under "Accounts" select the "Add Account" option.

4. On the "Add Account" page select "Other"

5. Click on the "Add Mail Account" button.

6. On the "New Account" screen fill in the details of your account as indicated:

* Name: this is the name you wish to display when you send emails form your phone
* Address: your full email address
* Password: the password you created when you set the email account up in cPanel or Plesk
* Description: what you would like this account to be listed as in your iPhone's email accounts list

7. Once you have entered these details, select "Save". The iPhone will now attempt to automatically retrieve the server settings, however this function will not work so they need to be added manually. The first step in configuring this is to select "POP" as the mail account type.

8. Once you've selected "POP" scroll down the page and enter the following information:

Incoming Mail Server

* Hostname: mail.yourdomainname.com
* Username: your full email address (this field should already be populated based on you entering these details earlier)
* Password: (this field should already be populated based on you entering these details earlier)

Outgoing Mail Server

* Hostname: mail.yourphonecarrier.com (this is your iPhone telephone provider or Internet Service Provider's SMTP server, eg. use cwmx.com for AT&T- contact your carrier to verify)
* Username: only fill this in if instructed by your provider
* Password: only fill this in if instructed by your provider

9. Once you've entered all the information, select the "Save" button. You will then get a popup asking if you want to set the account up without SSL. Select "Yes".

10. Your Done! You should now see your email account in your accounts list.

11. By default the iPhone configures itself to leave messages on the server after a POP send/receive. This should generally be left as it is otherwise the message you download on your iPhone will not also get delivered to your main computer. However, this setting can be adjusted by opening the setting page for the account again, scrolling down and selecting "Advanced" and then adjusting these additional settings as required.